27 October 2016


It is  mandatory for a person to Register for VAT if the taxable supplies made or may be made, is in excess of R1 million in any consecutive twelve month period.

A person may also voluntarily Register for VAT if the taxable supplies made, during the past twelve months, exceeded R50 000 (up to R1 million)

You are advised to talk to your Local Accountant about the financial implications or feasibility thereof to Register for VAT for your Company as such.  

10 October 2016

TAX Clearance Certificates: TCC

After Registration of your Company, it is mostly only for TENDER purposes that a client will insist on a TAX Clearance Certificate (TCC) from SARS as proof that you are in good standing with SARS and that all your Tax matters are in order.

Our advice is to rather make sure whether a TCC will be necessary for your specific trade, before going through all the trouble of obtaining documentation that won’t be of any significance to your Private Company.

In cases where a TCC is required, your local Accountant will be able to assist, but should you have some time on hand, you may just as well take your Company Registration Documents, as well as Certified ID copies off all Directors, to your nearest SARS office and get a TCC from them right away and it is also free of charge.

Be wise and save!

You are welcome to contact us at 072 1822 922 should you need any information regarding your Company Registration.

5 September 2016

To Register a Company is not enough.

We will help you register your company real quick and point you in the right direction as we would also like to see you make a real success of your business.

Do seek advice from others but don’t let anybody run away with your ideas. Don’t regret afterwards but rather pay a person for services and expertise rendered as to appoint somebody as a co-director from the very start.  

Registration with CIPC will enable you to work with confidence in the market place and from the right legal platform, abiding by rules and regulations for the protection of your customers.

You will be required to open a business banking account after registration of your company and be advised to keep your bank statements to assist with your personal finances.

Make sure that you keep all your receipts and invoices and make a summary of your financial position at the end of each month. Keep statistics of your monthly results in the business, review your strategies regularly and stay in touch with your clients and their very needs.

CIPC will automatically register your company with SARS after your company registration with them. Remember to lodge your tax returns in time each year.  Be advised to communicate with your accountant for good and solid advice on your company finances and to assist with your tax concerns as such.

We at Quicoreg will always be there to do your annual returns and to keep you registered with CIPC. We will also be able to furnish you with share and BEE certificates and to update your details and assist with possible director changes within your private company.

Good luck with your business endeavors and remember to have knowledge of your products and your customers and to improve as you go along. Be wise, read a lot, develop your skills and technical abilities, stay organised and financially well informed, excel and be of value to those surrounding you!

The Quicoreg Team.

15 February 2016

Appointing a Director:

Before taking the big step to bluntly appoint a co-director, make sure that you don’t act to hastily, only to be disappointed later on.

Rather pay a person a salary until such time that he/she has proven him- or herself and that they deliver as promised.

Be wise, take care and be vigilant!

2 February 2016:

Would you like to Register a CC (Close Corporation)?

Please note that CCs have been replaced by PRIVATE COMPANIES (Pty Ltd) and that only current CCs are still in force.

Stay abreast and take our advice: rather register a new Private Company than going through all the complications associated with buying an old “shelf”  CC.

We register new companies, with a name of your choice, within 3 to 5 days. And it's hassle-free!

16 December 2015: Starting your Business.

Do know that Strategic Planning beforehand is always of crucial importance towards the success of your Business.

Plan ahead. Think out of the box.

Produce a unique product that will be of great value to those who deal with you.

Be enthusiastic, work hard, be honest and owe the respect of your client.

Have a great 2016 and may you and your Business prosper throughout the year.

From the Quicoreg Team.