Your Legal inputs required after Registration:

Stay legal wise while having Financial control over your Business.

May we advise that you do the following after receiving the final Registration Documents from us: 

  1. Take your CoR 14.3 and MOI documents and ID(s) to your Bank to open up a Business Banking Account.
  2. Get a Tax Clearance Certificate from SARS as lots of clients request that lately.
  3. Keep  good track of your finances, do monthly finance reports  and attach proof of income and expenditures thereto and monitor your progress as you go along.
  4. You are also legally bound to deliver Financial Statements to SARS within 6 months after you have registered. Please talk to your accountant about this and also about VAT registration and do  remember to file your yearly TAX submissions with SARS in good time.
  5. Remember to do your Annual Returns (update and fees) to CIPC and so prevent penalties or possible deregistration.

Contact us yearly on or just after the Original Registration date of your Company and we’ll keep you updated with CIPC.